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New look who dis

Aahhhhh yes. So refreshing. Like drinking a fresh glass of cold kvass on a hot summer night. The store just got a new look. Products more easily findable and a much better search function.

What do you think? Want to see some changes or improvements? Maybe some new products? Write comment and let me know.

PS. Black ushankas are being restocked later this week.


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Martin - November 18, 2019

Oy Boris!
For my Lada niva I need Gopnik Seal of approval. But they are not in store!
Can you add them or send me one?

Stay Cheeki Breeki.


john - November 18, 2019

re-stock yellow squatnik hoodie form my friend Dimitri

much thanks

Bratan - November 18, 2019

Alio, Boris, can you please restock squatnik pants in M and L sizes? I want to complete my
Squatnik komplekt.

Beth - November 5, 2019

Please bring back the komrade kat (big logo) black t-shirt! I need to get my brother an awesome Christmas present!

Koven - November 5, 2019

The store looks Blyatiful Boris, well done! Just ordered a black ushanka.

Also, re-stock the squatnik hoodies Cyka, I must show off my slavness to the world!

Susannah - November 5, 2019

I made медовик (it was delicious), and now I neeeeeeed your cookbook, блин! Tiny Boris is adorable! What is the ETA?

Оуэн (Owen) - November 5, 2019

Desperately need the grey Ushanka for the cold times. I unfortunately have a
Большая голова (Big head) and need a size 60.

Stay Cheeki Breeki.


John - November 5, 2019

RE-STOCK komrade kat hoodie in M size

Gregg - November 5, 2019

I want to buy yellow hoodies in sizes other than XXXL, I want the whole family to Slav up!!

Nikolai Berman - November 5, 2019

You should be adding more hoodies blyat!
Thank you.

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