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Weslav is back!

Hello comrades

This has been a crazy year of big ideas and new products. Carpet flip flops? Done. Custom cutting boards especially made for Boris? Done. Playing cards of highest quality? Of course we have them!

With great progress comes great responsibility.. to deliver a respectable quality of service and constant updates to improve the store itself. This is why the Weslav store has been offline for three times this year now.

Most stores would call this a catastrophic loss. What do we call it? A regular update. We have had the need to update our warehouse and shipping providers many times now. And with these updates comes some store downtime. But do we worry? We do not!

We know that the true slav fan will always be ready to get the merch anytime the store is up. Here at Weslav we want to offer the best quality of service that we can. This is what we set out to do few years back. This is what we do today.

Thank you for shopping at Weslav. The place of cheeki breeki.

Welcome back!


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Janis Stols - November 18, 2019

Hello, when will you have the black or white jacket in medium or large? Ive been wanting to buy one for a month now and still no medium or large sizes

Szabolcs Sámel - November 18, 2019

Zdravím súdruh Boris . I buy´d a cheeki breeki t-shirt 2 days ago . Now i wait to get it , smell and wear it proudly and cant wait to buy your other products (new or old…all :) ) . The store is well made and easy to use . Stay Cheeki Breeki and keep up the good work ! :D – a almost new but big fan and patron from Slovakia

Dustin Rivers - November 2, 2019

Hi I’m an a big fan and I was wanting to buy a hoodie but I’m sorta on a budget would you mind lowering your price a little bit
-A big fan of yours

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